Friday, June 15, 2012


Today I changed a diaper that if life were fair would automatically grant me immunity from ever changing a diaper again.  I think I used half a tub of wipes.  Chicken Nugget managed to stick his foot in it, and insisted on arching his back the entire diaper change.

I don't think the Rev will sign on for that, though.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Growing Boys

Look at this guy.  He's all done pre-school.  (Sniff, sniff).  He'll start KINDERGARTEN, people.  Kindergarten.  I can't get my brain around that.  I expect I'll come to terms with his being in kindergarten around the time he graduates high school.

That picture, as you can clearly read in the background (I'd be an awful spy, or member of the witness relocation program) was taken at Dutch Wonderland, which we hit up while on a visit to New Jersey.  Wiggles got to decorate his own cookie.  (And he only licked one of the communal icing spreaders.)

Then there's this big man:

Yes, he's pulling himself up!  He crawls, ladies and gentlemen, but apparently that's not enough for him.  No, in order to keep up with Big Brother, he must walk, or preferably, run.

Oh, and did I mention he's talking?  Granted, most of it's babbling, but we've got one word that has a definite meaning:  "Bwa."  Sometimes, "Bwa-bwa."  It's brother, my friends.  Chicken nugget will ask for Big Brother by name.  This morning, he looked at Wiggles, said, "Bwa,", and then proceeded to make raspberries (one of his favourite things to have Wiggle Man do).

We've had a crazy couple of weeks around here, with trips and sick babies and sick kids, but maybe, just maybe, we can settle into normal for a while.  I've gone back to running, which I missed, but running brings with it the scheduling I have not missed.  Trying to find time for the Rev to be home when it's not dark out, or the heat of the day is hard.  I think I'm going to get some reflectors, or some blinkie lights so I'll be able to run in the dark.  The more I think about it, the  more I like that.  It's cooler out, and no one has to get a good visual of me huffing and puffing out there.

So, that's life around here lately.