Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Up!

Did you miss me?

I missed you. No, really. I did. But I've also been enjoying the lake, and hiking up mountains (proof pictures to come when I get them) mountains, people, and just generally loving this summer weather.

But, there have been other things ruminating around in my head, and I'm so pleased to tell you about my newest endeavour:


It's exactly what it says--I've started a website to advertise for online flute lessons! They will be done via webcam, likely using Skype. I'm pretty pumped about the website, so please go check it out, even if you're not interested in lessons. But, if you would like flute lessons, or know someone who would, by all means, contact me!

I have some other dreams for expanding Studio 10:10 (my site), but for now, I'm just thrilled to have it up and running.

I'm a newbie in the webmastering world, so if you have any tips, or see any mistakes, please let me know!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beach Bums

I have beach hair.

Not in an attractive, fashion magazine kinda way, though, where it's all tousled but still fab looking. Mine's more like an I-just-made-sandcastles-with-a-toddler-and-I'm-tired-hungry-and-sandy sort of beach hair look.

I wonder if Cosmo would be interested.

One of these days I'll get some video of Wiggle Man singing for you. He's moved out of the monotone phase he was in, and has actual pitches now. Not that they're correct always, but hey, he's modulating his voice. As a musician mommy, I was worried there for a while. Phew.

He rocks some Twinkle, Twinkle, by the way.

Ok, that's it. I need more snacks.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


And the livin' is eeeeaasssssyyyyy. (That works better if you sing along in your head.)

Here's how we've been enjoying summertime here:

Rockin' out to a little Barenaked Ladies. I love the Ladies. This was my Mother's Day present from the Rev, and I must admit to having screamed and sang the whole night. Sunday morning I was still a little squeaky. There's nothing like an outdoor concert with your favourite band to kick off the summer.

I've also been running. I'm trying to alternate being 2 and 3 miles, 6 days a week. This week, though, I've been adding in some time on the stationary bike at the Y. I'm in need of new running shoes, which is making running less comfy. I always put off buying new runners until my feet are in agony. Here's hoping I don't do that this time.

Wiggle Man spent the first of what will likely be many days at the lake. We learned that it's funny to smear muddy sand all over Mommy's legs. Wiggle Man laughs hysterically, and Mommy gets some nice exfoliating action on her rough knees. So it's a win/win, really.

And then there's my newest love: Dark Chocolate Almond Butter. Or Spread. Or something. It's almond butter with dark chocolate. A college roommate got me hooked on almond butter years ago (something about the fat being better for you...I don't know, really. But it's yummy.)

Well, the other day I discovered MaraNatha's Dark Chocolate Almond Spread. (I just looked it up. So it's definitely a "Spread.") Well, it was like an angelic choir sang as I honed in on the jar on the shelf. It's my yummy treat for the week, and because it's got protein, it keeps me full longer. And it's got less fat and calories than peanut butter...another win/win for me.

So that's been life here in my valley. What's new with you?


PS--MaraNatha did not ask me to write this, nor are they compensating me in any way.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sleepy Bunny

Look who I found curled up behind the recliner in the living room. We were waiting for the Rev to come home from a meeting, but Wiggle Man couldn't hold out any longer.

Oh, and please ignore the cord in the background. Someone (**ahem, the toddler, ahem**) thinks it's great fun to unplug the charger for the cordless phones.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I see he's done it again.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet Moments

This last week has been a bit of a bear. Wiggle Man has been sick with what seems like croup. Now, understand my only previous experience with croup comes from watching Anne Of Green Gables, the scene where Anne saves the life of Diana's sister, who's suffering a particularly nasty bout of croup.

The Missus was not happy. The Missus was freaked out. The Missus has spent the last two nights sleeping in the spare room with Wiggle Man in case he needed Mommy in the middle of the night. Now The Missus is exhausted, people.

So, when a much needed Mommy/Wiggle hug turned into an extended cuddle on the couch, and Wiggle Man said he wanted to go to sleep, I was all over that. Back to the spare room we marched, pillows and Wonder Pets in hand (Wiggle Man's new friends). After several minutes of me reminding him to put his yawning little head down and go to sleep, I could feel the frustration starting to build.

That's when Wiggle Man reached over, stroked my arm, then leaned in and kissed my shoulder.

And that is the sweetest moment: the first time Wiggle Man spontaneously kissed his mama.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Or not. Rather, just some things I've been thinking about.

Children's television programming: Vacillates between awesome and downright frightening. Seriously people: Yo Gabba Gabba is weird. I don't like it. On the other hand, Wonder Pets cracks me up, and Wiggle Man likes it, too.

(Wiggle Man has been under the weather this week, so we've watched a lot of t.v. A lot.)

My hair: it's curly. Curly is a pain in the you-know-where. Curly gets in my face, and when Wiggle Man is done playing with is, I resemble nothing so much as a Brillo pad. Perhaps one day I'll show you pictures. This is why I straighten it. I like it that way. I know people pay good money to have curly hair. But conversely, people pay good money to straighten their hair, to go blonde, to go red, to go brunette, to cut it, to add extensions...you name it, people do it.

My bathroom scale (and my waistline, by association): you make no sense. It's not fair that you play nice one week, and not so nice the week after. I mean, if running 13 miles in a week and being moderately careful with my diet gets me a two pound weight loss, it seems only fair that if the following week I run 15 miles and use the nautilus machines and am even more careful with my diet, that I should lose at least the same two pounds. Gaining a pound that week is just cruel. I'm just sayin'.

Febreeze: Thanks for making the Downy scent. Now we need to work on a support group for people who fanatically spray it on everything in the house.

Memorial Day: Thanks for coming. Now I can freely wear the white pants and shoes I've been wearing for a month and a half now.

Denim Diapers: WHY? "I poo in blue." Seriously, friends. This sounds like something I would make up as a joke after eating wayyyyy too many M&Ms.

Caramels: I'm glad I bought you today. Regardless of what I said to the scale earlier, I have some room in my calorie allotment for you today.