Monday, February 11, 2013

I Know, I Know...

I'm posting.  I know.  Whoa.  It's been so long, probably no one will see it, because who checks here anymore?  But, I wanted to keep record of some of the cute things the baby says.  He hasn't developed a nickname yet quite like Wiggle Man did, so here I shall call him The Beast.  I toyed with Bam Bam while I was pregnant with him, because I sensed his super strength, and let me tell you--he's a beast.

Anywhoo....I present you with some Beast-isms.

"Weawwy?"  Really?  Apparently, I say this a lot.

"AwwwRIGHT!"  Again, didn't realise how often I said that until The Beast started copying me.

"Sheeewww?"  Shoe is always a question.  Unlike most babies, The Beast hasn't learned many body/face parts yet, (except eyes, and "Um!" for mouth), but he's all about pants, socks, shoes and shirts.  The problem with "shirt" is that he leaves out the 'r.'

"Ewww."  The other body part The Beast knows.  As near as I can figure, he calls it "ewww" because I'm usually saying "ewwww" to all the food he puts in his hair.

"Off.  Off.  Off.  Off."  The Beast likes to turn things off.  Especially if he gets to press a...

"Bunn!"  Button.  Beast loves him some buttons.

Combine a cup (another favourite) with a lid that has those little buttons to push down (like from fast food places) and The Beast is in heaven.

But, c'mon.  How can you resist that cheesy grin?

I can't.