Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Again, this morning, it struck me that it's Wednesday. Whoa. So again--we have two ways to look at it: It's Wednesday! Woo hoo! We're halfway there! Or, it's Wednesday. Really? Still only halfway to the weekend.

In other news:

The Good News? I left early last night to head out to orchestra rehearsal.
The Bad News? I had to wait for a train, and then was constantly stuck behind drivers going under the speed limit.
The Good News? I still made it to rehearsal on time.
The Bad News? Slow Driver Syndrome continued through this morning. Tip From The Missus: if you're on your cell phone and are driving, going 25 MPH BELOW THE SPEED LIMIT is only going to draw attention to your distracted driving. Also? My honk was to try and get your attention. It didn't work.

The Good News? I'm much more relaxed now. I promise.
The Bad News? I should be cleaning, not relaxing.

The Good News? I've been really good about eating healthy this week.
The Bad News? My scale hates me.

The Good News? My house is relatively clean.
The Bad News? My sister-in-law is coming tomorrow...must clean more.

The Good News? I'm wearing shorts!
The Bad News? Warm weather means, um...better leg grooming.

With that, I'm off. Cleaning, and catching up on American Idol. That's my afternoon. Want to share your Good News/Bad News from this week? Write your own GN/BN post, link back here in it, then c'mon over and add your blog to MckLinky!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Spring has sprung. I can't wait to see what will pop up in my garden, as this is the first spring we've been here. What colour will these tulips be? It's like Christmas, only without the cold.

We have houseguests. No, not Auntie La La, although she'll be down later this week. Does this guy look familiar?

I'm not sure if he's the same Mr. Robin that Wiggle Man tried to build a house for the other day. This guy was in our front yard, not the back. But somehow, the robins got the idea that they were welcome at out house.
Construction workers look a little different in the animal kingdom, it seems:

This is what greeted me this morning when Wiggle Man and I returned home from a cheese purchasing trip. My first response was laughter, then the need to grab the camera so I could share it with you. When the Rev came home later, his response was...slightly different. I'm not sure, but I think Casa Del Robin is no more.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

See this bird?

Ok, so nature photography is not my thing. Let's blame it on my lack of cool lenses, ok? Let's.

Anyway, Wiggle Man saw this bird, and decided to build him a birdhouse.

Good thing we had leftover wood hanging around from his playset.

But it's hard to build a birdhouse without nails. And a hammer. Luckily for Mr. Robin, Wiggle Man is innovative. He just used Mommy's arm.

Sturdy looking, isn't it? For some reason, though, the bird would not come live in it. Even when Wiggle Man asked nicely.

Like a tree is somehow a better house than lumber piled up on my yarn. Sheesh. There's no please some

(No, the bird is not in that tree. It's just a symbol.)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Flashback

Last year, Wiggle Man decided that egg holders were for sissies. So he just used his hands.

Nothing like showing up to church Easter Sunday morning with brownish, purplish hands. Wonder how he'll do this year....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good News/Bad News

I'm not sure I believe it myself, but it really is Wednesday. The Good News is that we're halfway to the weekend. The Bad News, as always, is that we're only halfway there.

Seriously, though--Wednesday. When did that happen.


The Good News? A gorgeous, sunshiney morning in my part of the world.
The Bad News? A dreary afternoon.
The Good News? Wiggle Man played outside this morning, and is napping away the afternoon.

The Good News? I have laminate flooring in my front entryway.
The Bad News? That is where Wiggle Man chose to throw up this morning. (And then come to get me, telling me he had "made a mess" from his "mouf.")
The Good News? It wasn't on the living room carpet.

The Good News? I've been fairly consistent when it comes to drinking the recommended amount of water daily.
The Bad News? I pee. A lot.

The Good News? I'm sitting here typing this out for all you lovelies to read over the interwebs.
The Bad News? I really should be doing laundry. Or cleaning my bathroom.

The Good News? After last week's lovely pep talk at the doctor's, I've been monitoring my calories more closely than before (cough, cough), and am down two whole pounds this past week.
The Bad News? I seriously want a cheeseburger. And fries. And some ice cream. And to finish that bag of caramels that is taunting me in my pantry.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Yes, Cheese

This evening, a war ensued in Wiggle Man's bedroom. Mommy Versus the Bookshelf.

Wiggle Man owns approximately 4, 500, 324 books. And, while I love his love for reading, I hate the messy bookshelf. So, there I was, slamming books on the shelf, and getting more and more frustrated.

Wiggle Man came walking in, singing: "Yes, Cheese....yes, cheese..."

It's how he sings "Jesus Loves Me." And it was exactly what I needed to hear.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

At Home With The Rev

Because I know you're refreshing my blog rather than watching basketball, desperate to know what we've been up to, I'll oblige your curiosity.

Today we loaded up the SUV and headed off to a sugar festival over an hour away. Wiggle Man and I both get car sick. Wiggle Man took medicine before we left. I did not. Wiggle Man slept in the car. I did not. Wiggle Man was subsequently very cranky when he woke up.

Incidentally, should you be out and about and see a very frustrated mother trying to corral a screaming toddler out of the roadway while holding a purse, two drinks and a lunch bag, don't look at her funny if she raises her voice at said toddler. It's more fear that the child will run out into the road than anything else. Cut her some slack.

But I digress.

We did not stay long at the festival. Basically, we drove over an hour for hot dogs. The all-you-can-eat pancake line was far longer than we were willing to stand in with a cranky Wiggle Man. Wiggles was asking to go back to the car from the moment we left it. We did not get maple syrup, though the Rev tried some maple ice cream. (I'd rather save calories for something chocolatey.)

Finally, we were back in the car. This time, I took some Dramamine. However, I'm guessing the Dramamine plus the allergy meds I took earlier were not the best combo, because by the time we were home, I could hardly hold my head up. I went straight to bed, leaving the Rev to tend to Wiggles. Did I mention the Rev has a wicked nasal infection? For which he can't get antibiotics because our doctor doesn't have his file yet? (But has mine, though the requests were filled out at the same time. Special.)

This brings us to the present. Wiggle Man is in bed. The Rev and I are vegged out in front of the t.v., laughing at everyone's NCAA brackets crumbling. Ours included. This year, it will be a matter of whose brackets were the least sucky.

That is all.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good News/Bad News

**UPDATE** Is anyone trying to link up and having problems? Let me know--Mr. Linky seems to have disappeared; I'm working on it, though!

It's Wednesday again--we're halfway there! However, it's only Wednesday--only halfway to the weekend. I started GN/BN because I'm learning that with many things in life, it's really all about perspective.

This week, if you're up for it, I'm opening up GN/BN to you guys! Put your own GN/BN spin on things this week. Just link back to me in your post, then head over here and add yourself to Mr. Linky so we can all enjoy.

With that said, here's a look at life this week with Rev, The Missus, and our Wiggle Man:

Good News? We had some gorgeous weather last week.
Bad News? It was immediately followed by rainy, yucky weather that seemed even rainier and yuckier in comparison.

Good News? Lots of extra daylight, thanks to that whole "Daylight Savings Time" thing.
Bad News? I hate losing that hour of sleep.
Good News? Wiggle Man did not get the Daylight Savings Time memo, so he happily slept until 8:30 Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday.

Good News? My doctor is pleased that, though I'm overweight, I'm active. She gave me a lovely speech telling me so.
Bad News? That lovely speech does nothing to make me feel better about the fact that though I excercise regularly, and watch what I'm eating, my pant size and weight stays happily larger than I'd like.

Good News? Body image aside, my Wiggle Man (and the Rev) always make me smile.
Bad News? They make me smile even when I'm trying to muster a "you're in biiiiiig trouble, mister" face.

Good News? Wiggle Man luuuuurves the new boots I bought him.
Bad News? He wears them everywhere. To the Y. To the store. Paired with his new wizard hat.

Good News? You all can join in the GN/BN fun this week. No Bad News there.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monkey Boots and Mud Puddles

This is what Wiggle Man and I did today:

We splashed.

We played with the ball. (Our version of soccer is...interesting.)

Wiggle Man made good use of his monkey boots.

Do you think he's enjoying himself?

Boats from the dollar section at Target make up Wiggle Man's navy.

Can you see Wiggle Man? He's sliding down his (wet) slide. He's wearing different pants now.

Splish, splash.
I think I really need my own boots now. Seriously, doesn't that look like fun?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Splish, Splash

I've been drooling over these boots for weeks. (For Wiggle Man, not me. Not that I wouldn't mind a pair myself, they just don't come in my size. Ahem.)

With the rain we had this week, I figured it was time.

Wiggle Man splished. He splashed. He sailed his toy boats in the puddles. He splished and splashed some more.

And I was taken back to a time when I loved nothing more that the sound of a boot being pulled out of the muck, and the feel of the rain on my face. Before I started worrying about what all that weather was doing to my hair. Back when getting my clothes wet was ok. Back to the time I kept one of my pet worms in an empty milk carton in my desk at school for a day, terrified the entire day that he (she?) would escape and I would get in trouble.

Maybe I will buy myself some rain boots after all. I think I'm in need of some splishing and splashing.

Blog Carnival

I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna host my very own blog carnival! (Cue trumpets.)

This Wednesday, (and I will post Good News/Bad News on Wednesday, ahem, this week) GN/BN will be open for you guys to join in! At the bottom of my GN/BN post will be the very first Mr. Linky I'll put up (fingers crossed there). Link back to Rev and The Missus in your post, then head over here to add your post to Mr. Linky. I can't wait to see your GN/BN spin on your weeks.

Well, it's a rainy, yucky day here, so I'm off to figure out how to amuse this child of mine for the day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yeah, so you may have noticed here at Rev and the Missus that Tuesday seemed more like Wednesday. About that--I'm not crazy. I wrote this week's Good News/Bad News post yesterday with the intent of publishing it today. And then I went ahead and hit publish.


Anyhoo...Good News/Bad News--I'm thinking of hosting a weekly Good News/Bad News for you guys to join in on. If you have a blog, and would like to participate--let me know. If it seems like there's interest, I'll put up a Mr. Linky or something next Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! (For real, this time.)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Well, the good news is it's Wednesday. Halfway to the weekend, and all that. The bad news is it's Wednesday. Half a week to go. (Seriously, though--how is it Wednesday already? I feel like every week I'm stunned to be here.)

In other news:

Good news? Wiggle Man is talking up a storm.
Bad news? Wiggle Man is talking up a storm.

Good news? The lasagne I made with the scorched bechamel sacue is no longer in my freezer.
Bad news? Because we ate it.

Good news? We've had TWO SUNNY DAYS!
Bad news? Wiggle Man is filthy. Seriously, I must get that kid a bath.

Good news? New library books make me happy.
Bad news? It's hard to browse for books while chasing a toddler.

Good news? My jeans are getting comfier and comfier.
Bad news? Are you kidding? The only bad news is that I don't need a size smaller. Or two. Yet.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Well, it's Wednesday again. Good news? The week is half over! Weekend here we come! Bad news? It's only Wednesday.

Here's some more:

Good news? Walmart makes excellent pizza.
Bad news? I have to go to Walmart to get it.

Good news? I found a fitness class that I love.
Bad news? I'm still sore two days later.

Good news? Wiggle Man slept in this morning.
Bad news? He was up at 2 am, at 5 am....Mommy no likey.

Good news? We had lunch here today:

Bad news? I may never eat again. (Or perhaps that's still good news?)

Good news? I finally unpacked the suitcases from when we went to Pittsburgh in January.
Bad news? I still have two boxes sitting in my bedroom that need to go live in the attic. And a mirror to hang, and pictures and shelves to hang. Really, our house will look like we live here soon. Really.

Good news? A sweet woman from church made us some soup for dinner.
Bad news? Nope. No bad news here. I'm off to put some bread in the oven to have with dinner! Yum!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm exhausted, people. Tuesdays are crazy days around here--swim lessons for Wiggle Man, I teach music lessons in the afternoon before heading out the door for orchestra rehearsal after dinner.

But...dinner's in the crock pot, Wiggle Man is sleeping (I hope) and I am taking advantage of a few minutes of silence to blog before I: bake, do my hair, practise to warm up for tonight and clean the living room and piano room before my students get here. Sigh.

I thought Tuesday would make a lovely day for confession. So here's the nitty gritty:

*I hate emptying the dishwasher. I know, I know, I'm thankful I have one, so that I don't have to write about how I hate washing dishes. But there's just something about taking 5 minutes to empty the dishwasher that makes me procrastinate until my sink is filled with dirty dishes.

*Speaking of dishwashers, I wash everything in there--pots, pans, mixing bowls, you name it, if it's a dish, it goes in there. (Except the china. That I will hand wash.) The ability to throw dirty nasty dishes into a big box, add soap, press a button, and voila, clean dishes is why I signed up for the thing in the first place. None of this hand washing pots for The Missus.

*Potatoes that have sprouted really, really, REALLY creep me out. To the point of almost (almost) physically jumping back when I see it.

*I really straighten my hair because it feels better. I say it's because it's easier with Wiggle Man (who often feels the need to "brush" my hair with any object he can a thermometer) but really it's just because my curly, fluffy hair feels all gross around my face.

*I'm convinced I play my instruments and sing better with straight hair.

*I feel human when I've had 9 hours of sleep the night before. 8 just doesn't cut it.

*I have applied hand lotion 4 times since lunch. It's 2:17.

*This whole post was an exercise in procrastination. But I think you'll forgive me.