Saturday, March 27, 2010

See this bird?

Ok, so nature photography is not my thing. Let's blame it on my lack of cool lenses, ok? Let's.

Anyway, Wiggle Man saw this bird, and decided to build him a birdhouse.

Good thing we had leftover wood hanging around from his playset.

But it's hard to build a birdhouse without nails. And a hammer. Luckily for Mr. Robin, Wiggle Man is innovative. He just used Mommy's arm.

Sturdy looking, isn't it? For some reason, though, the bird would not come live in it. Even when Wiggle Man asked nicely.

Like a tree is somehow a better house than lumber piled up on my yarn. Sheesh. There's no please some

(No, the bird is not in that tree. It's just a symbol.)

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