Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Well, it's Wednesday again. Good news? The week is half over! Weekend here we come! Bad news? It's only Wednesday.

Here's some more:

Good news? Walmart makes excellent pizza.
Bad news? I have to go to Walmart to get it.

Good news? I found a fitness class that I love.
Bad news? I'm still sore two days later.

Good news? Wiggle Man slept in this morning.
Bad news? He was up at 2 am, at 5 am....Mommy no likey.

Good news? We had lunch here today:

Bad news? I may never eat again. (Or perhaps that's still good news?)

Good news? I finally unpacked the suitcases from when we went to Pittsburgh in January.
Bad news? I still have two boxes sitting in my bedroom that need to go live in the attic. And a mirror to hang, and pictures and shelves to hang. Really, our house will look like we live here soon. Really.

Good news? A sweet woman from church made us some soup for dinner.
Bad news? Nope. No bad news here. I'm off to put some bread in the oven to have with dinner! Yum!


  1. Love these posts - enjoy your effortless dinner! :)

  2. this is awesome! I am glad to see how you are able to balance all that. Homemade soup? Score!! oh, and i wish i had a cool fitness class like yours around.

  3. We have lived in our house 3 years and I still have boxes that need to be stored!