Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Again, this morning, it struck me that it's Wednesday. Whoa. So again--we have two ways to look at it: It's Wednesday! Woo hoo! We're halfway there! Or, it's Wednesday. Really? Still only halfway to the weekend.

In other news:

The Good News? I left early last night to head out to orchestra rehearsal.
The Bad News? I had to wait for a train, and then was constantly stuck behind drivers going under the speed limit.
The Good News? I still made it to rehearsal on time.
The Bad News? Slow Driver Syndrome continued through this morning. Tip From The Missus: if you're on your cell phone and are driving, going 25 MPH BELOW THE SPEED LIMIT is only going to draw attention to your distracted driving. Also? My honk was to try and get your attention. It didn't work.

The Good News? I'm much more relaxed now. I promise.
The Bad News? I should be cleaning, not relaxing.

The Good News? I've been really good about eating healthy this week.
The Bad News? My scale hates me.

The Good News? My house is relatively clean.
The Bad News? My sister-in-law is coming tomorrow...must clean more.

The Good News? I'm wearing shorts!
The Bad News? Warm weather means, um...better leg grooming.

With that, I'm off. Cleaning, and catching up on American Idol. That's my afternoon. Want to share your Good News/Bad News from this week? Write your own GN/BN post, link back here in it, then c'mon over and add your blog to MckLinky!


  1. I have guests coming too so am also totally in cleaning mode. Whis is, also, what I should be doing right now! :)

  2. These are always such a hoot! I love reading this funny side of you!