Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Well, the good news is it's Wednesday. Halfway to the weekend, and all that. The bad news is it's Wednesday. Half a week to go. (Seriously, though--how is it Wednesday already? I feel like every week I'm stunned to be here.)

In other news:

Good news? Wiggle Man is talking up a storm.
Bad news? Wiggle Man is talking up a storm.

Good news? The lasagne I made with the scorched bechamel sacue is no longer in my freezer.
Bad news? Because we ate it.

Good news? We've had TWO SUNNY DAYS!
Bad news? Wiggle Man is filthy. Seriously, I must get that kid a bath.

Good news? New library books make me happy.
Bad news? It's hard to browse for books while chasing a toddler.

Good news? My jeans are getting comfier and comfier.
Bad news? Are you kidding? The only bad news is that I don't need a size smaller. Or two. Yet.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on the jeans! Mine just get snugger and snugger :(
    Hey, can I steal your good news/bad news post? I really like it. Do you want me to link back to you? Mind you I only have one reader who doesn't already read your blog, but still...