Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good News/Bad News

I'm not sure I believe it myself, but it really is Wednesday. The Good News is that we're halfway to the weekend. The Bad News, as always, is that we're only halfway there.

Seriously, though--Wednesday. When did that happen.


The Good News? A gorgeous, sunshiney morning in my part of the world.
The Bad News? A dreary afternoon.
The Good News? Wiggle Man played outside this morning, and is napping away the afternoon.

The Good News? I have laminate flooring in my front entryway.
The Bad News? That is where Wiggle Man chose to throw up this morning. (And then come to get me, telling me he had "made a mess" from his "mouf.")
The Good News? It wasn't on the living room carpet.

The Good News? I've been fairly consistent when it comes to drinking the recommended amount of water daily.
The Bad News? I pee. A lot.

The Good News? I'm sitting here typing this out for all you lovelies to read over the interwebs.
The Bad News? I really should be doing laundry. Or cleaning my bathroom.

The Good News? After last week's lovely pep talk at the doctor's, I've been monitoring my calories more closely than before (cough, cough), and am down two whole pounds this past week.
The Bad News? I seriously want a cheeseburger. And fries. And some ice cream. And to finish that bag of caramels that is taunting me in my pantry.

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  1. Ok. Just because I want too, I look forward to your Good News Bad News blog. But today hope wiggleman is feeling better.

  2. I adore the one about the water intake, why? Because I have increased my H2o consumption as well. And a I pee. A lot.