Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good News/Bad News

**UPDATE** Is anyone trying to link up and having problems? Let me know--Mr. Linky seems to have disappeared; I'm working on it, though!

It's Wednesday again--we're halfway there! However, it's only Wednesday--only halfway to the weekend. I started GN/BN because I'm learning that with many things in life, it's really all about perspective.

This week, if you're up for it, I'm opening up GN/BN to you guys! Put your own GN/BN spin on things this week. Just link back to me in your post, then head over here and add yourself to Mr. Linky so we can all enjoy.

With that said, here's a look at life this week with Rev, The Missus, and our Wiggle Man:

Good News? We had some gorgeous weather last week.
Bad News? It was immediately followed by rainy, yucky weather that seemed even rainier and yuckier in comparison.

Good News? Lots of extra daylight, thanks to that whole "Daylight Savings Time" thing.
Bad News? I hate losing that hour of sleep.
Good News? Wiggle Man did not get the Daylight Savings Time memo, so he happily slept until 8:30 Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday.

Good News? My doctor is pleased that, though I'm overweight, I'm active. She gave me a lovely speech telling me so.
Bad News? That lovely speech does nothing to make me feel better about the fact that though I excercise regularly, and watch what I'm eating, my pant size and weight stays happily larger than I'd like.

Good News? Body image aside, my Wiggle Man (and the Rev) always make me smile.
Bad News? They make me smile even when I'm trying to muster a "you're in biiiiiig trouble, mister" face.

Good News? Wiggle Man luuuuurves the new boots I bought him.
Bad News? He wears them everywhere. To the Y. To the store. Paired with his new wizard hat.

Good News? You all can join in the GN/BN fun this week. No Bad News there.


  1. I just bought Eli those same boots a couple days ago, he even wore them during his nap!! Too cute!

  2. I'm all linked up! (And quite proud of myself too, LOL). I think Charlie needs a wizard hat.

  3. Way to go DR! Helpful, huh? And He is TOO CUTE in those boots!