Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good News/Bad News

It's still technically Wednesday. I have 66 minutes left. Just enough time to share my GN/BN for the week:

The Good News? I realised it was Wednesday in time to post this.
The Bad News? I haven't blogged since...oops.

The Good News? We just got MLB Extra Innings.
The Bad News? That's a LOT of baseball to watch.
The Good News? That's a LOT of baseball to watch.

The Good News? My front garden is almost ready.
The Bad News? The back yard is a weed jungle.
The Good News? That's not my fault--we didn't live here last spring. At least, that's my mantra.

The Good News? Wiggle Man got more candy than he can eat from The Easter Bunny, The Easter Egg Hunt, and his loving relatives.
The Bad News? I'm helping him eat it.
The Good News? Uh...see above.
The Bad News? He didn't get any Cream Eggs.

The Good News? We keep finding more and more wonderful things about living in this valley.
The Bad News? Black widow spiders also love living in this valley. Specifically, in our neighbour's sand box.
The Good News? Everyone says that we shouldn't worry about the Black Widows.
The Bad News? Because the Brown Recluse are the ones you really have to watch out for.
More Bad News? Rattlesnakes.

Well, there you go. With 57 minutes to spare. If you want to join in this week, just write your own GN/BN post, link back to me in your post, then come add your blog to MckLinky. Camilla's been writing some great posts for the last couple of weeks--check her out!

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