Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

I think George** might be at the bottom of this.

You see, once upon a time, yours truly worked in an office. We were a small, tight knit group, and fond of practical jokes. Well, when I noticed one of my co-workers made a daily trek to the candy stash to purchase a Butterfinger, an idea began to form in my twisted little brain. I enlisted the help of a friend, who kindly hid all the Butterfingers. Every day, just after George returned, disappointed, and sans Butterfinger, I would go downstairs and purchase one from the friend who had them hidden for me, and sit at my desk and proceed to eat my Butterfinger right in front of George.

This went on for longer than you might imagine.

Fast forward to now.

Commercials work on me. It's the running joke in our family. So when I saw a commercial for the new Special K Fruit Crisps, I was all "Yeeeeeeahhhh, I'm gettin' me some of those." And so, the next time I was out, I looked for them. No luck.

Not at Target. Not at Walmart. Not at any of the grocery stores.

So I thought, "Ok, they're obviously going like hot cakes. I must be shopping right before they get re-stocked every week." Or, "Oh, they were on sale this week. No wonder I can't find them." I looked for them different days of the week. Different times of day. Every time I'm in a store, I look for these Fruit Crisps.

And every. single. time. I'm met with a big empty space on the shelf where, according to the price tag underneath said blank spot the darn things should be. It's driving me nuts!

What I want to know is how George found me, and how he convinced every shop owner around to hide all the Fruit Crisps.

Payback. It's a...well, it's a not-so-nice thing.

**Name changed to protect the innocent

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