Monday, April 19, 2010

Promises, Promises

I know. I promised a hilarious story. I even had the post typed and scheduled to publish. But...I deleted it. It wasn't my hilarious story to tell. The hilarity ensued as a direct result of my own insecurity, but I wasn't the one looking silly at the end.

So, I thought and thought. And thought some more.

I remembered times when my insecurity caused rifts in relationships.

Times when my insecurity caused me to second guess my own ability to make decisions as a mother.

Times when my insecurity kept me from asking for help when I clearly needed it.

My insecurity made me try Nair on my arms the day of my best friend's wedding. And while my arms were nice and hairless for all the pictures, they were also slightly red and blotchy.

I wore plaid overalls in high school, in some odd attempt to fit in...who knows where.

I've said silly things, worn silly things, watched silly things...all because I was too afraid to be myself.

It's not the silly story I promised. But that's ok--I've got tons of silly stories to share.

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