Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good News/Bad News

**EDITED: Camilla pointed out that MckLinky was missing. It seems I was too busy toasting Mr. Scale to remember MckLinky. He's there now, so if you'd like to join the fun, write your own GN/BN post, link to me in your post, then come back over here and add yourself to MckLinky!**

Once again, Wednesday is upon us. It seems to happen every week, doesn't it? I mean, the whole Wednesday thing. Without fail, it pops up right in the middle of Tuesday and Thursday. Do you look at the week as half-way to the next weekend, or days away from your last weekend? (Frankly, our weekend here was such a blur of activity, I'm actively pining for this upcoming one.)

So, with that, here's a look at my week, through my Good News/Bad News lens:

Good News: Through the magic of DVR, I can watch Glee, even when I'm out Tuesday nights, as I often am.
Bad News: The last minute or so was cut off last night.
Good New: Hulu will save the day. Eventually.

Good News: Our concerts are done. The Rev had two concerts, as did I these past few days, so now we can relax for a bit.
Bad News: Our concerts are done--no more orchestra for me until they decide they need me again.

Good News: My fake nails are all still present and accounted for, even four days later.
Bad News: I find it harder to type with them.
Good News: Wiggle Man called them "stickers" the other night, which was hysterical.
Bad News: He wanted me to take them off. Also, he thinks they're brown. No, dearest, that's a french manicure. Very unbrown. More like pink and white.

Good News: I'm still drinking an ocean of Crystal Light daily.
Bad News: I pee. A lot. Still.
Good News: The, um...intestinal issues my mother-in-law warned me may ensue from that much artificial sweetener have yet to plague me.
Bad News: I live in dread of said issues. Not enough to actually drink that much plain water, but dread nonetheless.

Good News: I'm down 7 pounds in the past month or so since I weighed myself after a 2+ year avoidance of Mr. Scale.
Bad News: Umm, I think not. I'm pretty psyched to think I'm starting to get a handle on how my body handles calories, sodium and sugar. I'm lifting a jug of Crystal Light to you, Mr. Scale. Please keep being my friend.



  1. Good job on the weight loss!

    I am now worrying that my DVR cut off Glee too! I hope not - I probably won't get to watch until Thursday as we will watch Lost tonight.

  2. I just tried to link up but no Mr Linky!
    Great job on the weight loss!