Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Wednesday. Some people love it. Some dread it. Some are ambivalent. However you look at it: half-empty, half-full; half-way through the week or days away from the weekend--you can't avoid Wednesday. It shows up every week. It's that glass-half-empty/glass-half-full mentality that I take to Good News/Bad News. If you want to join me, write your own post, link back to me, and then come add yourself to the Linky at the bottom.

The Good News? We have begun potty training Wiggle Man.
The Bad News? See above.
The Good News? He's actually getting the hang of least his, um....Number Ones.
The Bad News? We've yet to conquer Number Two.

The Good News? I had a fab girls night out the other night.
The Bad News? I consumed way too many calories.
The Good News? I laughed many of them off.
The Bad News? I discovered the best ice cream/gelato joint there is. This is only bad for my waistline. It's good, very good, in every other way.

The Good News? I love baking soda. It's my magic cleaner.
The Bad News? I'm going to need a new box after all this potty training this week. (Baking soda is great for absorbing accidents on carpets, etc.)
The Good News? Baking soda is a crazy cheap cleaner.

The Good News? It's almost May.
The Bad News? I actually had to break down and put the heat back on today.

The Good News? Wiggle Man is developing a love for baseball, just like The Rev and me.
The Bad News? The Phillies are on the west coast, so Wiggle Man has been missing a lot of games.
More Bad News? The Rev and I are not getting to bed at anywhere near a decent hour.
Even More Bad News? The Phillies are playing like a team that has forgotten what sport it's supposed to be playing.
The Good News? I'd rather them slump in April than in September.

The Good News? I get to watch Glee this afternoon. Oh, naptime, thou art precious.
The Bad News? Uh....nope. Nothin'.



  1. Hooray for nap time!

    Potty training. Oh boy. It is worth it in the end.

  2. I love Glee and I love these posts, and I totally intend to join in...someday. :)

    Your first one was my favorite though. I think #2 is always the hardest to accomplish, especially with boys. Good luck!!