Friday, May 20, 2011


Yes, it's been awhile. Profound apologies all around. Here's what's new with Rev and The Missus:
I need a nap.

Still preggers. About 20 weeks. It depends on what due date you use. I prefer October 1st, because, well, it's sooner. So then I'm almost 21 weeks. If you go by the fancy-shmancy sonogram adjusted date of October 5th, I'm 20 weeks 2 days.

My box o' awesome maternity clothes is M.I.A. The one with my comfy jeans, shorts, cute tops and dresses--who knows. I have some maternity stuff I got at a consignment sale, which is workable. Except the pants seem to be on a mission to confuse me. I have ones with just the band at the top, but the band is forever flipping down, or worse--the elastic inside the band gets all twisted. And they fall down, because they might just be to small. Except for the pair that's too big.

I have pants with the whole panel of fabric, but the elastic at the top shows through my shirts. And they fall down because they're too big.

I need a nap.

Wiggle Man is 3 and a half. That is all. (If you have one, you know it's a blend of awesome moments and pull-out-your-hair moments. Seriously kid--it's a cheese sandwich I'm "making" you to eat. No need to gag on it.)

The people who make protein powder need to consider that we're not all hulking body builders using this stuff. Some of us are just ladies trying to get in the ridiculous protein amounts that pregnancy requires. Please make the jars easier to open. No, really.

I need a nap.

It takes a lot of movies to get to Canada. Wiggle Man measures road trips in how many movies he gets to watch in the car before we get there. Canada is many, many movies away. However, it's worth the trip to see Grandma and Poppa. Also for Harvey's and Swiss Chalet. Preferably at the same time.

My fake nails have lasted 6 days.

I got a tin whistle. Wiggle Man has taken it already.

Oh, and I need a nap.


The Missus


  1. Thanks for an update. Go take a nap. :o)

  2. In your head, you should consider Oct. 5 the real due date. Because if you are early, well, great! If you are late, it's soooo much worse! Jess always tells herself her due date is 2 weeks after the due date - when they induce. Then she's not frustrated and disappointed at 40 weeks.

    Hope you get some rest, soon! Hang in there!