Monday, June 6, 2011


June! It's June! June means summer, and summer means days at the lake, at the pool, and running through the sprinkler. (Wiggle Man, not me. No one needs to see my pregnant self frolicking through a sprinkler.)

I'm still working on a nickname for Little Bean...these days he's more like a Jumping Bean. He's not so little any more, and he bounces around like crazy. This weekend I forgot to order my new favourite frozen coffee cup o' happiness as decaf; let's just say the whole ride home I was treated to fetal jumping jacks. Me thinks he likey. (Mental note: always stay within the recommended caffeine intake for the day.)

Here are some Wiggle-isms for your reading pleasure.

"I'm STAHVIN'" (Not funny, but if I have to hear it every day, you should have to hear it once.)

"Mama, when I woke up, der were sun fuzzies all over my room. I blowed dem away."

"Dis is gonna take FOWEVAH." (Said anytime I'm asking him to do something cruel and unusual, like go to the potty.)

"Mama, can I play wif EVERYONE?" This is a seemingly innocent question, seeing as "his girls" had just come over to play. Naturally I answered, 'yes.' It did not occur to me that "everyone" would include the 15 month old I was babysitting, who still had an hour and a half to go on his nap. Wiggles and "his girls" were in the room the baby was napping in before I even realised where they were headed.

When asked how he got the giant scrape on his nose: "I went to jump on da pillows, and didn't see da floor der." (Floors can be sneaky like that.)

"Can I play wif da big kids at Youth Gloop?" (Youth Gloop=Youth Group.)

And there's your dose of Wiggle-isms. If this baby is half as hysterical as his big brother is, I'll be ready for my reality t.v. stardom in about 2 years.


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