Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This Week

Well, I'm still pregnant.

Which is good, really.  Today is the 36 week mark; when I go to my appointment tomorrow I find out if I am allowed off the couch this week, or next week. 

Things have been quiet around here, for the most part.  I hang out on the couch, I crochet, I read, I check my email more times a day than is good for anyone's sanity, and try and keep Wiggle Man occupied.

We have been super blessed by a church family who is taking wonderful care of us. 

Oh, and I try not to eat everything in the house.  Like, this afternoon I had a cheese stick, a pudding cup, and some popcorn.  And I'm seriously considering a bowl of mashed potatoes covered in cheese.  For some reason, the last month of pregnancy for me is always a killer.  I do great with my weight until that last month, when I no longer crave fruits and veggies, but carbs, carbs and more carbs.

In other news:

This big guy had his first day of school today:

He was sooooooooo excited to go to school.  The Rev and I were sooooooooooo excited to have him go.  He's been in need of some routine and some time out of the house.  When he came home, we made a craft for each set of grandparents.  He's been adamant we need to make them something for Grandparent's day, which according to the Sprout channel is coming up.  (Sorry Mom and Dad--I didn't know!)   I'd show you a picture of our craft, but I'd spoil the surprise for Grandma and Poppa, and Grammy and Pop Pop when they get their presents.

Plus, Wiggle Man wrote his name on a piece of paper that was actually legible.  Whoa.



  1. OMG, he's too cute!!!!!!! And so sweet that he wanted to make something for Grandparent's Day!!

    Now I'm craving a bowl of mashed potatoes smothered in cheese...and I'm not pregnant!

  2. I don't even know what a cheese stick is, but now I totally want one!

    And he looks precious on his first day of school!