Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tastes Yucky

And it's pronounced "tast-es." Yes, two syllables. This from my Wiggle Man, who is also turning "yes" into a two-syllable word. ("Yay-ess.")

But I digress.

"Tastes yucky" is Wiggle Man's new Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card. At least, he thinks it is. Trying to get this child do do something he does not want to do is invariably met with "tastes yucky."

Diaper changes? "Tastes yucky." (I imagine they would, my boy.)

Nap time? "Tastes yucky."

Picking up his toys? "Tastes yucky."

Of course, any food he doesn't want to eat "tastes yucky." That goes without saying.

However, this morning my little man awoke to a somewhat unsettled stomach. Let's just say there were some dry heaves, and some actual vomit, and leave the detailed description for my phone call to the pediatrician's office.

And what did my little man have to say after this ordeal? (Besides asking repeatedly for the blankies that were now "taking a bath" in the washing machine, that is?)

"Tastes yucky."

Yes, my son, it certainly does. Now let's go get those teeth brushed, 'cause it sure smells yucky, too.

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  1. LOL! Oh boy, Jen! I'm glad you're able to keep you sense of humor in a time like that. :o)