Sunday, January 3, 2010


So I thought today would be a a good day to purge my soul. New Year=clean slate, and all that. So here are my confessions:

A day without a bubble bath is a sad, sad day.

My hair has never looked better since I stopped washing it every day. You may think that's gross, but my hair (and me) are much happier.

Sometimes I have to "go to the bathroom" simply to shut the door and get some peace and quiet.

I really think it's hysterical when Wiggle Man runs away from the children's message in church. (Even though I pretend to be horrified. It's too cute.)

Right now, even though we just came back from a great Chinese buffet, I still want to eat some chocolate.

I must use lotion at regular intervals. Hands, feet, elbows--you name it, it needs moisture.

I'm finding it hard to focus because I want that chocolate.

I still haven't put pictures from Christmas on the computer. I'll get to it. Really.

I carried my piccolo to church this morning in my purse. I think playing an instrument that fits in my purse is the bestest.

I'm going to finish this now, so I can eat some chocolate.


  1. Cute post. However, I am now requiring a fix of chocolate. grin

  2. I've started washing my hair every other day and I know what you hair feels healthier (plus I like the extra time it saves me in the morning on the days I don't need to wash it).

  3. Thank you for making me feel better about being a Mom. My son kept escaping during the Christmas program. Even though I kept giving him "the look" I thought he was really cute.

  4. I FOUND YOU! It's been so long since I have blogged and tried to keep up with all my blogging buddies that I didn't even realized you had moved until I clicked on my link to you and realized you were gone. So glad I found you again and to be following along!