Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Now that Wiggle Man is busting out with words and phrases all over the place, I thought it was time for more WiggleSpeak.

Drum: Anything that can be turned over and made into a drum. Any kind of bucket is especially drummerific.

Drum Store: Walmart, thanks to the two "drums" we've purchased there.

Mmmmm, tasty!: Well, that's pretty self explanatory, but it's pretty hysterical when he randomly blurts that out in the grocery store, pointing out what he'd like me to buy.

Ply-0h: Play-Doh, which is Wiggle Man's (current) favourite creative outlet. He especially likes to make pancakes.

Cheese-boos: Wiggle Man can has cheezburger?

In addition to his own dialect, Wiggles has some interesting quirks that I thought would be fun to share. Like the fact that he often "brushes" my hair with a thermometer.

Or how he collects all the pencils from the pews in church. (Amazing what a toddler can get into while he waits for Mommy and the Rev to be ready to go.)

And then there's how he dances when he imitates Mommy exercising. Perhaps one day, if you're good, you'll get a video of that. (The imitation, that is. No one should have to endure a video of me exercising.)

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