Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Fairy

I bet you didn't know I had magic powers, did you?

Picture it: Rochester, NY: 1998. A young Canadian girl arrives at college in the fall. A speech is given to the incoming freshmen, warning us not to expect snow days. This is Western NY, after all. They know how to handle snow there. That year, so much snow falls that even the experienced WNY road crews can't stop school from closing three times.

Picture it: South Jersey, 2002. The same young-ish Canadian girl arrives. Everyone says something along these lines: "Canadian, huh. Well, you won't see that kind of snow down here." That winter, a blizzard so intense comes through that our lovely Canadian heroine was trapped in her house for three days.

Picture it: Virginia, 2009. The same, not-as-youngish Canadian girl arrives. The same comments follow: don't expect the kind of snow you're used to up in Canada.

With that, I give you pictures of this morning's snowfall. You're welcome Virginia. (And the rest of the East Coast. Apparently my powers grow stronger.)


  1. Ha ha ha, you can take the girl out of Canada, but apparently Canada follows the girl...
    Here I am in Buffalo without so much as a dusting of the white stuff! Enjoy it, at least you're prepared with "toques", and can warm yourself on your chesterfield and such. (-:

  2. Phew! I loved Freshman year. Thanks for using your powers. It did spoil us for the other 3 years, though.

  3. Holy Guacamole Batman! Living in the sub-tropics, I have to say that kind of snow scares me! But I'm secretly a bit's hot, humid and raining here...

  4. Hey, um, can you NOT come to Minnesota? At least till i need a snow day??