Monday, December 7, 2009


It's time for yet another installment of WiggleSpeak. This is your chance to learn the nuances of communicating with my two year old. You're welcome.

"Ummmmmm-TAY!" (Ok.)

"Pul-LEASE?" (Please.)

"Das." (Thanks.)

"SEE!" (See you later!)

"Red treat." (Kit Kat. Cuz it's red, and it's a treat.)

"Bickey." (Mickey Mouse. Not to be confused with "bookie" which everyone knows means milk.)

"Pee blankie." (His blankets he sleeps with. When his diaper leaks, they smell like pee. Then we go through the whole washing of the pee blankie ordeal.)

"Hey." (An elaborate game involving our guest bed, pillow throwing, and tickling.)

Hopefully this goes a long way towards helping you converse fluently with toddlers. At least, with Wiggle Man.


  1. Such a fun and cute post! I have 2-yr old twins and they pretty much say the same stuff as your little guy. My hubby has such a hard time understanding what they're saying but I can always translate!

  2. My son only says mommy and da-da. ;)

  3. cute! Of course bookie is milk. What else would it be?