Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Putting out my nativities (yes, plural) is my favourite part of decorating for Christmas.

I have nativities on my tree:

I have a nativity on my mantle:

I have an Amish nativity. (Straight from Lancaster County, PA, thank you very much.)

I have a nativity from Tanzania, bought when I was in Kenya:

I have a Willow Tree nativity: (minus one Wise Man who perished in an unfortunate incident--Willow Tree people do not do well if they fall down the stairs.)

I have a banana leaf nativity from Kenya. (I didn't actually buy this one in Kenya, but I saw one just like it, and wanted to buy it...but I'd already bought the one you see above. So my mother-in-law bought this for me when some Kenyan friends sent crafts to be sold at a fundraiser at church.)
It's my favourite this year, but really...they're all my favourites.


  1. I love them all. The Amish one is great. I also have the Willow Tree one.. love it. My sheep are gone this year... just gone- no idea whatsoever...

    Willow Tree's also behead rather easily too, as I found out when Adam said "mom, I broke off Zachary's head" when he decided to include my angels with his LIttle People parade.
    P.S- there is a Fisher Price LIttle People Nativity, too.

  2. I'm so impressed! I've put all that stuff aside until the kids are older. :o) I love nativities too!!