Thursday, December 2, 2010


Because I know you were sitting around today hoping for random facts about me.

Admit it.

Wait, you weren't? Oh. My bad.


*The last minute of the William Tell Overture makes me feel like I'm late for math. 12 years after graduating high school. There's some social conditioning for you. (Some hilarious soul thought it would be a great idea to play the last minute of the good ol' WTO over the PA system as warning "get yourself to class before you're late" music.)

*My feet are cold. But sockless. Which is contributing to the problem.

*I like the house at 72 degrees. The Rev does not. Guess who wins? (Not me.)

*There is apparently a whole other British tune to "O Little Town Of Bethlehem." I feel like this is something I should have learned growing up, and now will have to research.

*I cried through all of The Shred day 14. Level Two is kicking my tail. I'm so very afraid of Level Three.

*I put up the Christmas lights outside all by myself. With my sister-in-law. The point is, I did it sans Rev. And now he needs to fix them, because apparently only three strands of lights go on each outlet, and I have four. And two blown fuses to prove it.

*I went to Target yesterday. I want to find a reason to go again today.

*I still can't use the afghan involved in the centipede incident. I'm afraid he still lives there.

*I have successfully avoided cleaning the bathrooms for 3 days now.

*I couldn't finish singing a song in choir practice last night when my friend pointed out that "Feel the holy peace" sounds a lot like "Feel the holy peas" when we sing it. Know the French Peas from Veggie Tales? Yeah...that's what I kept picturing. I could hardly breathe from laughing so hard. My apologies to our choir director.

*I have a pretend puppy. Really it's just Wiggle Man "puhtendin'" to be a puppy.

*I love how he says puhtendin'.

*I have no idea what's for dinner, but since The Rev is at a meeting and won't be home, I'm sure it will be something microwavable.

These are the things of life these days.


The Missus

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  1. I also avoided cleaning our bathroom for several days. Then I realized I have 2 potty training children that use it plus one baby in cloth diapers. EEEWWWW! It made my skin crawl and I got the rags and cleaner out! :o)