Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Chaos

Is your house as chaotic as mine right now?

Do you find yourself anxiously crunching on mini-wheats while you think you about all you still have to wrap/clean/bake/fold before you go to bed?

Have you attempted two more batches of sea salted caramels after your first perfect batch only to have them both fail miserably? No, that one's just me?

Are you whispering through clenched teeth to your son that he can not be Thomas the Tank Engine in the Christmas play and that he needs to just put on his Wise Man costume NOW!

Are you overwhelmed by the cookies that abound?

I'm really hoping that this week will be calmer. I think I have everything just about done, and can enjoy the season. Live nativities and time with friends await.

However, in the midst of chaos, I've found that animated robots amuse me. So here you go:

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