Monday, January 3, 2011


"I'm STO hungry." (I don't know why he puts a 't' in there.)

"I don't WANNA be big. I wanna stay just like dis." (Me too, baby. Me, too.)

"Let's go check in the covered!" (Covered=cupboard. Usually comes after "I'm STO hungry!")

"I love you so much, Mom." (It's not funny, but I do love to hear that one.)

Wiggle Man, pointing to my sweatshirt: "Mom, what does dis say?"
Me: "It says, 'Lake George, NY'. It's a place Mommy and Daddy visited before you were born. I think you'd like it there."
WM: "Do they have cake there?"

"Ta-NA!" (He usually shouts this to announce his presence when he runs into the room naked.)

Man, I love this kid.


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