Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not Awesome

I'm sitting here waiting to see if Chicken Nugget is actually going to nap or not.   I gently laid him in his crib, drowsy but awake as per all the expert's suggestions.  Now we wait.  And I'm certainly not going to start anything productive until I know he's actually asleep.

So I thought I'd make you a list.  A list of things that are Not Awesome.  So here it is:

Things That Are Not Awesome:

Finding one of those hairy little spiders that look like teeny tarantulas in the car.

Losing him before you can squish him.

When your 4 year old walks in just as you've put the baby in the crib and loudly asks, "Whatcha doin', Mama?"

The face I make as I shoo him from the room.

Buying pj's for your 4 year-old's pajama day at school, because said 4 year-old only sleeps in his underwear.

Finding Scooby Doo jammies, only to find that the smallest size at Target is two sizes too big.

Buying them anyway.

Paying $17 for jammies that will, in all likelihood, get worn once.

Baby spit up.


Baby socks that never fit, but are darn cute anyway.

The fact that as soon as I finish this list and start doing something, Chicken Nugget will wake up. 



  1. I love this list!!! Especially the buying pj's part...David only wears his underwear to sleep, too! When he had pj day at school, I found some from last year (when I still bought pj's - just in case..) that he could at least squeeze into. I happened to mention to a few of the other moms about him not wearing pj's, and you would have thought I had committed a cardinal sin or something. "He won't wear them...what am I supposed to do??" If nothing else, my boys are very opinionated.

    Hey, just think...since the pj's you bought are 2 sizes too big, maybe he can get two wearings out of them - pj day next year!!

    Hang in there! I think it's so hard to parent an infant, when life revolves around feedings, and PRAYING they will sleep or nap. Not sure I can do it again, after actually experiencing sleep every night. The few times that David woke Jonathan up, I thought I was going to flip a lid. Grandma's house is at least pretty sound proof, as long as I could keep David in a different room.


  2. Those were all pretty funny! I almost did the same last week with PJ's too! We needed some for PJ day, but it was really cold, so I was too lazy to go out!