Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mudder's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. "Mudder's Day", as Wiggle Man calls it. 

Except now I can't call him Wiggle Man.  He asked us, in a very big kid sort of way, if we could stop calling him that.  Le sigh.  So, we call him by his proper name now, and here, well, I guess I'll refer to him as W. 

Chicken Nugget is growing like crazy.  While he's average for weight, he's 80th percentile for height.  This means his onesies are super baggy around the middle, but barely button at the bottom.  Clearly, Mr. Tall and Lanky did not inherit my figure. 

He's also teething.  Again.  So between that and the constant growth spurts (are they spurts if it's all the time?) he's not really sleeping.  No, ladies and gentlemen, my baby who starting sleeping 8 hour stretches at 4 months is now waking every 3 hours.  And has been for almost 2 months.  If you see me with an eye twitch and glazed look, now you know why.

In the midst of the crazy, there's a card on the mantle.  W couldn't wait until tomorrow to give me the card he made in school.  There are thumbprint lady bugs, and fingerprint bees fly above foam sticker flowers and green marker grass. 

I think I'm going to frame it.

Mudderhood.  It's messy and joyful, heartbreaking and silly.  It makes me feel like a giant failure, and like the queen of the world. 
Happy Mother's Day,

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