Monday, May 28, 2012

Chicken Nugget

Chicken Nugget is 8 months old now.

He combat crawls with lightning speed.

He's already my little trouble maker, trying to see how many forbidden things he can cram into his mouth.

He still seems to have dairy issues, as I learned after I tried some yogurt melts with him.  And had reaffirmed after I mistakenly gave him lasagna...I forgot it had cheese in it.  Poor boy.

With the 2nd top tooth now through, Chicken Nugget officially has 4 teeth.

He loves big brother; no one makes him laugh quite like WM does. Even yesterday, in the grip of a fever (induced by the teething, I think...I hope...) he still giggled at WM's antics.

Blessings, by Laura Story, still calms him down when nothing else will.  In fact, it's playing right now while he naps.

And, while we wish he slept longer at night (le sigh), we're loving life with two sweet boys.

Here are my boys at (roughly) the same age:  (7, 8ish months.)

Chicken Nugget:

Wiggle Man:

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