Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Pinteresting Addiction

I love Pinterest.

I love seeing what other people are making, and getting ideas.

I love it even more when Pinterest shows me something so shockingly simple, but darling.


Seriously; how cute ARE these?  Teeny tiny cupcake toppers.  Made of Reese's minis, then decorated to match the cupcakes.

Then you just plop these little gems on top of your frosted cupcakes, and, voila!  (Or, "wahla" as Wiggle Man says, no matter how many times I explain the French to him.)

These are Wiggle Man's birthday cupcakes for school.  Yes, he is sampling one before his birthday.  Shhh....don't tell.

I let him eat the one that didn't get frosted properly.  :)

I'm Wiggle Man, and I approve this cupcake.


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