Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Wednesday. If you read here a lot, you know the drill. Here's my glass-half-empty/glass-half-full look at life. If you'd like to join in (and please do--Camilla would love the company, I'm sure), then just write your very own GN/BN post, link back to me in it, then add your name over here. And while you're at it, check out Camilla's blog--she's strong, she's funny, she's Australian, and just all-around amazing.


The Good News? I'm already down another 1.5 pounds this week.
The Bad News? I had to add a mile to my daily run to accomplish that.
The Good News? I was only running a mile a day as it was. Two miles isn't so bad, actually.

The Good News? M&Ms come in PRETZEL FORM.
The Bad News? I'm forced to eat them.
The Good News? If I don't buy them, I can't eat them.
The Bad News? I'm forced to buy them. A magnetic field draws my hand toward them, makes me pick them up, and forces me to purchase them.
The Good News? They're seriously yummy.

The Good News? Wiggle Man is doing better than I thought he would with his potty training.
The Bad News? This forces us to keep "reward M&Ms" in the house. (See above.)

The Good News? I decided to catch caterpillars this week to let Wiggles watch them metamorph. Or whatever that verb would be. (Thanks, DH!)
The (more) Good News? I knew enough to transfer some of the caterpillars to a second jar.
The Bad News? I didn't do it in time.
The Good News? I learned something new and unexpected about caterpillars.
The Bad News? The new and unexpected thing is that caterpillars eat other caterpillars. Unless there's some other explanation for all of the caterpillars being gone except for two rather plump, satisfied looking caterpillars.

Well, with that, I'm off. The Good News there is that I'll probably go for a run. The Bad News is I'll probably look for a reason not to.



  1. Haha! Yep, "reward" M&M's were a problem in my house too, I had to switch to something less appealing to ME.

    Good luck with your TWO mile run!! :)

  2. Aw shucks!
    I want some of those m&m's too - we can't get that sort here, which is possibly a very good thing...