Thursday, May 20, 2010

Miss Me?

The Rev, The Wiggles and I were on a stay-cation this past week. The Rev got caught up on some much needed sleep and down time. He also stripped the deck, because apparently nothing says vay-cay like stripping a deck.

Wiggle Man likes vacation because we go "places" (pronounced "play-cees") on vacation, and sometimes get to sleep in a hotel. I love hotels--he gets that from me.

I didn't take many pictures (well, not by my definition of "many", anyway) but here's a sampling:

We pulled off to the side of the road to take this highly important snapshot:

We finally made it to the Natural Bridge. Wiggle Man may have been more interested in the zoo (he's still asking to go back), but he thought these train tracks in the sky were cool:

Plus, it helped that we told him the bridge was like a train tunnel (incidentally, we told him the same thing about the caverns.)

Of course, Wiggle Man rarely goes anywhere without a train on hand:

We also spent some time driving around, taking pictures of just what we've come to expect in the valley:

Seriously. How could you not love living here?

It's like a post card. Or a bottle of salad dressing.



  1. Helloooo! I did miss you, lovey! Love that salad dressing analogy!

  2. a bottle of salad dressing- you are a hoot!! It is beautiful there though!

  3. Beautiful. Hope you are refreshed.