Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Hair, Yo

"Where does Wiggle Man get his curly hair?"

I got this question at church last month by more than one person. It threw me for a loop the first time. And then I realised: unless someone ran into me at Food Lion before my hair was done for the day, or if I was having a lazy hair day, most people at church had no idea I had curly hair. It's always nice and straight for Sunday morning service.

So, I decided to go curly for church. This brought different questions. Questions like, "Why in the world don't you leave your hair curly all the time?"

Well, it's simply more practical to straighten my hair. I know that seems weird, so I took some pictures as proof.

Here's me, with my hair all nice and curly:

Here's me, after Wiggle Man has gotten ahold of my hair to play with it, or wrestle with me, or climb up my back, or basically in any way comes in contact with my hair:

And that picture doesn't do the frizz factor justice.

Here's a picture of me with my hair freshly straightened:

And here's me again, after a run-in with Wiggle Man:

See what I mean?
This is why I straighten my hair, friends. At least, that's one reason. Also, I like it better straight, it doesn't feel weird around my face when it's straight, and you can see my highlights better.
The End.


  1. God made you beautiful with straight and curly hair. :o)

  2. I totally get what you are saying, but I do think it looks fab curly (and straight).

  3. I love your hair! Curly OR straight. And I'm jealous that it looks like you've managed to get to a hairdresser sometime recently!