Friday, July 2, 2010

Proof of My Awesomeness

So this first picture isn't so much proof of my awesomeness, besides the awesomeness of my family. This is the first family picture that I really like enough to consider framing. Also, you can see how much Wiggle Man needs a hair cut.

Ok, here's where we get to the awesomeness:

Gorgeous views, aren't they? So worth making it to the top.

Yeah, so I look a little sweaty glisten-y, and maybe a little winded, but c'mon. It was my first hike.

Here's me and my sister-in-law, celebrating our awesomeness. It's an odd angle, because, well, we're on top of a rock. Which doesn't exactly provide for level ground for picture taking. So I'm squashing my vanity, and posting it anyway, because you can see how awesome we are, up on that rock.
So there you have it. Proof of my mad hiking skillz and all that.
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