Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I {Heart} Fall

I really, really do. Heart Fall, that is. How can you not love a season that lets you do this?

I mean, if it's Fall, that means it's time to go apple picking in a place like this:

Even if you have to walk up a mountain, it'd be worth it, for a day like this. (Ok, maybe we drove up. But still.)

Ah, sweet gratification.

And, of course, with fall comes October baseball. If The Rev makes it home in time, you can be sure we will be spending the afternoon cheering on the Phillies, and possibly, just possibly, munching on apple cider donuts from yesterday's adventure.


  1. Yes, I love fall for all those reasons too! Except not too much baseball for us! ;-)

  2. Loving the pictures of your little guy. I too love Fall; we didn't get much of one. We have now moved on to winter. Oh yes, you heard me right. It even snowed today. {gasp}

    I'm glad I found you today; I have been checking the poutine website (mmm poutine...ah, never mind). so glad to have "found" you again, Missus. :)

  3. Wow, it looks beautiful! Maybe even worth a walk up a mountain! Well, let's not get carried away... but looks awesome and looks like the little guy loved it too. We all know that's what really matters!

  4. Looks totally gorgeous there! Wiggle man looks like he is having so much fun!