Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Very Own Wreck

Some of you have been saying very kind things about my domestic, er...abilities. (I was thinking 'delusions', but...)

Well, to prove I'm far from Martha, here's my finished mini pumpkin cake.

Not too bad from far away, is it?

Oh, but then:

Still not awful, I know. But then you turn it around:

And it gets a little sadder.
Well, here are some things I learned. Homemade rolled fondant tastes WAY better than that store bought stuff. But, it's harder to work with. Perhaps I'll try adding even more powdered sugar.
Also, I have no business carving cakes. At least, not yet. So, when I try this cake again (and I will, oh I will--bigger and better, my friends) you can bet I'll use two fluted bundt pans stacked to make a pumpkin shape.
Finally, royal icing tastes every bit as horrible as I remember from my foray into food prep in high school. Yuk.
Now, if only Cake Wrecks showcased amateur wrecks as well as the pros.


  1. I second Mighty M! You did far better than I could imagine to do!

  2. I'm really impressed! I can't even bake a packet cake properly. I'm serious, they always end up with a huge mound in the middle @@

  3. I still think it is adorable! I love it! So you eat it from the front, bet it still tasted awesome!