Saturday, November 28, 2009

Have Your Cupcakes

And eat them, too.

I like cupcakes.

I like making teeny tiny flowers from modeling chocolate.

I also like to put those teeny tiny flowers on teeny tiny cupcakes. But you'll have to wait for tomorrow to see pictures of my black and white cupcakes.
So, to ease the pang of waiting, I will show you my very first attempt at buttercream "roses." (I put the quotes in so you'd know what they're supposed to be.) Ahem.

My cake obsession this week has taught me a few things. One, consistency. My chocolate buttercream frosting was so thick, I'm telling you I may have gotten carpal tunnel from trying to pipe the icing on. My vanilla buttercream that I used for my roses may have been too thin. At least, that's my explanation for the blobular appearance of my roses.
Aaaannnnnd...I could probably use more practice with buttercream, as opposed to fondant or modeling chocolate. (Not that my modeling skillz rock, just that they're ever so slightly much better than my piping skills.) I'll just have to look for more excuses to bake cake.
Also? I need to learn to just say no to the leftover icing in the bowl. And in the piping bag. And on the knife.
I need help.

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