Thursday, November 12, 2009

Like Mommy

Wiggle Man continues to enjoy the same culinary delights as I do:

That, my friends, is how grilled cheese sandwiches should be served. With ketchup. Yup, I've got my son hooked on the red stuff, just like me.
Besides, what's cuter than a toddler with a ketchup beard?

Cutting your sandwich in quarters makes dipping so much better. And it lets you arrange your sandwich around your big blob of ketchup.
In other news, further confirmation that I am, indeed, the mother of a toddler:

Yes, our little Picasso has taken to decorating our walls. We had a nice, long, civilized discussion last night on why we don't draw on the walls. Yeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That lasted until this morning, when I caught him at it again.


  1. Yep, writing on the walls is sure sign of a toddler. No doubt about it! Oh, and i have to say- neither of my boys like ketchup, and nor do I. Are we odd?

  2. Lovely!! Got to love having toddlers in your house! At least it isn't permanant marker! Try using Mr. Clean magic erasers!