Monday, November 23, 2009

Top ten signs you live with a toddler:

10. Your front entryway is permanently transformed into the Island of Sodor.

9. Nap time is golden.

8. You frequently excuse yourself from the company of other adults with the explanation: "Mommy has to go potty now."

7. Your only source of news is the Internet, as your television has been taken over by Mickey, Really Useful Engines, the Movers, Elmo and Handy Manny.

6. Buckets become drums. Shovels become drumsticks.

5. You find trains in your pantry. And your linen closet.

4. You have to check your master bathtub for books before filling it up.

3. The relaxing bath you were planning is accompanied by the following:
"Mama! MAMA!"
"Mommy's in here, Wiggle Man."
"No, this bath is NOT for baby. This is for MOMMY."
"I'm glad you asked nicely, but the answer is still no."

2. You give up on the "relaxing bath", because getting out is more relaxing than being in.

1. You and your husband no longer quote clever movies to each other; instead you quote from the Thomas The Tank Engine episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin explaining how a jet engine works is hysterical.


  1. Too true!!! Although I think you're title should be amended to "Male Toddler." We find dress-up clothes in our pantry and watch ballerina moves on You Tube all day. :0)