Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dorothy, Dorothy and Max

No, Dorothy, Dorothy, Max is not some new version of Duck, Duck, Goose. (But that would change things up a bit, wouldn't it?)

Today is my little man's THIRD BIRTHDAY. Three. The boy is three. He's started pre-school, and HE'S THREE.

Ok, enough shouting. You get the point.

But still. Three.

Well, every time this now-three-year-old goes to the Walmarts, he has to, has to look at the fishies. He luuuuurrrves the fishies. He likes to look at all of the fishies, and find the ones that look the most like Dorothy (of Elmo's World fame, for those of you not living with a pre-schooler.)

Well today, for his birthday, Wiggle Man got to go to the Walmarts, and pick out his very own fishies (while Mommy picked out all the stuff that goes with owning fishies.) I present to you the end result of that trip, plus an hour at home while I tried to get it all put together.

The two goldfish are the Dorothies, and the Black Moor is Max.

I'll post a longer update about his party in a day or so when I have a minute.


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