Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From The Mouths Of Babes

We've had a small incident here in our household. Nothing major, mind you. But enough to warrant a trip to the ER this afternoon.

No, not for Wiggle Man. For the Rev.

It seems there was a hole on the golf course yesterday where no hole should be, and the Rev found it with his foot. His ankle is now hugely swollen, words like "avulsion" were thrown around, and I'm trying not to picture what it looks like for ligaments to tear away from bone.


While explaining to Wiggle Man that we were taking Daddy to the hospital this afternoon, he got very excited. He exclaimed, "Daddy have TWO BABIES?"

Um, no.

You see, Wiggle Man's only experience with hospitals is visiting a friend in the hospital when she had her baby, and seeing pictures of me in the hospital when he was born. You see why he made the connection. Hospital=baby. Why two babies, I have no idea, except that another friend is expecting twins.

However, please do not take that as an omen, or prophecy in any way, shape or form.

Just puttin' that out there.



  1. So sorry to hear of Don's little accident! Hope things go well tomorrow! Keep us informed.

  2. Kids are so darn cute...Asher always says he was in his daddy's tummy, not mommy's!