Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today is decidedly better than yesterday. At least, so far today is better than the scary crazy parts of yesterday. You know, the corroding water heater and the child who lived in time-out and all of that.

I'm happy to report that thanks to the kindness of friends, my child took a bath the night before his first day of school. Also thanks to the help of these same friends, our shiny new water heater is installed. This means I got a shower the night before Wiggle Man's first day of pre-school. Because Mommies need to be clean and shiny the first day of school, too. I mean, I even did my make-up to drop the boy off.

As we speak (as I type?), Wiggle Man is at school, most likely happily playing with trucks if how I left him is any indication. I, on the other hand, got teary-eyed just looking at his little bin where he'll put his papers and letters home. Goodness me.

Now, since I know you all want photographic proof that Wiggle Man really is big enough for school, here you go:

A thousand apologies for the indoor shot; blame it on a Mommy to distracted by her baby growing up to change the settings on her camera. So I tried to cover it by making it look a little artsy. Because that's just how I roll.


  1. What a handsome big boy! So proud of him. I know the feeling (the tears). Mine starting flowing as well. Where does the time go! It just seems like yesterday when we were anticipating his birth!

  2. I love the backpack. You look great!!!

  3. Great photos - these kids are getting too big! Lovely photo of you :)